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Keith Robinson - Owner

Hardscape and Landscape Sales and Design

Keith has been working professionally in the Green Industry since 1990. After spending nearly five years designing, selling and managing hundreds of high profile projects in Washington D.C, Northern Virginia, and Annapolis, MD, he decided to open the doors of Natural Enhancement. He has been proudly serving his home community since 1999 with the highest level of quality imaginable in every one of his projects. He is strongly supported by his wife Amie, three children and amazing staff that share in his philosophy to strive for excellence in all facets of life.

Keith has a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from Virginia Tech; he is an ICPI Certified Installer, NCMA Certified Installer, ICPI Certified Instructor, Director and Co-founder of the ICPI Mid Atlantic Chapter, and shares responsibilities on several local business associations and non-profit organizations.

Drew Cook - Water Garden Division Manager

Drew entered the aquatic industry in 1997 building swimming pools professionally for a company in Roanoke, Virginia. His passion for nature and the outdoors redirected his sites on building more naturalized water features. After moving to the Valley in 1998, he soon began constructing water features throughout the region, while attending Bridgewater College, and expanding on his mechanical and biological knowledge of Water Gardening. He later opened the doors to Highfalls Watergardening, and became recognized throughout the community as leader in the industry with the combination of his passion and expertise.

In a combined effort to enhance skills, expertise and service, Drew joined forces with Natural Enhancement in 2007. He is currently in charge of all water feature installation, service and management. While he is also an ICPI certified installer and hardscape project manager for Natural Enhancement, his first love is water gardening. Drew strives to continue creating water features that grow his skill level and capture one of Natures' purest elements.

Amie Robinson - Office Manager